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Give developers the community they deserve

Ecosystem growth is expensive & opaque

Kontour makes it easy by being the place to measure and grow the projects that make your protocol shine. Stop throwing incentives into a black hole. Reward developers, visualize ROI, and build a talent network that works for you.


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Kontour helps protocols thrive



Notice and be noticed

Show off the power of your protocol and attract the best talent to your ecosystem.

Kontour gives you easy tools to engage builders and decreases dropoff by making it simple for anyone to create high quality proposals.



Plug-and-play reputation

Issue non-transferable, evolving badges to builders in your ecosystem. Share a simple invite link to join, and give developers something to show off.

Keep your ecosystem engaged - when projects hit milestones, Kontour badges evolve to show diferent visuals & metadata!



Keep your community informed

Don't leave the rest of the community in the dark or rely on infrequent Discord announcements.

Kontour gives you a protocol showcase that you can curate to show off the most interesting projects in your ecosystem.



Make better decisions

Kontour provides you on and off-chain analytics to better understand your ecosystem and to locate problem areas with your spend.

Get actionable data and power the growth of your protocol!

A better web3 ecosystem

Looking beyond engagement campaigns and analytics, our vision is to be the home for your developer ecosystem. We want to incentivize curation by giving protocols tools to promote the best projects in their community.

Kontour also gives devs a place to show off what they’ve built so that they can grow their credentials and reputation. Building in web3 should be seamless and symbiotic — expanding the web3 network empowers us all.

Give your protocol a home base and start growing today.


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